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CryTek for Free: CryEngine 3 SDK and Editor

by April 26, 2011 in Open World, PC, Shooter, Simulator

While the CryMod forums are temporarily down for software upgrades, a new splashpage has been posted in lieu. What’s so special about this splashpage you ask? Well, it reveals a letter directly from Cevat Yerli the CEO of Crytek to the cry modding community at large. The letter declares that sometime this summer likely around August, we will see the appearance online of both a Crysis 2 editor and a CryEngine 3 SDK (software development kit). This not only means that people will be able to make full blown new levels for Crysis 2 but that the CryEngine 3 will also be made publicly available to the development of non-commercial projects to the community at large. To quote, “This will be a complete version of our engine, including C++ code access, our content exporters (including our LiveCreate real-time pipeline), shader code, game sample code from Crysis 2, script samples, new improved Flowgraph and a whole host of great asset examples, which will allow teams to build complete games from scratch for PC.”

Mr Yerli the President of Crytek goes on to detail, “we will be launching a free CryENGINE SDK. If you want to use it for fun, like all our previous MOD SDKs it will be completely free of charge, to anyone who wants to play with it! You just register, download the SDK with a personalized license key and you’re good to go! If you want to use it to make a game to launch commercially, we’d like to help you with that. If you want to take your product down a traditional commercial route, we will offer an innovative low cost licensing model if you want to release your game digitally.” We’ve included below a couple videos of some of the stuff that can be achieved with the CryEngine 3, truly a fantastic game engine and the fact they’re releasing it for free is inspiring to say the least.

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  1. This is great news! Let’s hope some awesome free games get made! :D

  2. Holy crap! Man that Real Immersive tech demo video is simply amazing, I hope we can get that game for free too! lol it looks 10x better than arma! :o

  3. Outstanding!!!!

  4. nice this is definitely very good news indeed

  5. That’s pretty neat…i wann agive it a go :)

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