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EVE Online: “EVE is Real”

by July 8, 2011 in MMO, PC, Roleplay, Simulator

CCP Games kicked off a new promotion campagin for EVE Online called “EVE is Real” with a brand new video that shows an EVE player talking about an ambush against him and his corporation. And that is just the beginning because they are also launching a new site next week that is meant to chronicle the history of the EVE Online universe. The site is supposed to log images, videos, players stories even Tweets and will consist of 5 main categories, War, Exploration, Corp Recruiting, EVE is Real and Freestyle. If you decide to join CCP Games in the promotion campaign you can expect small in-game payments.

“Apart from the general internet fame you’ll be rolling in, we are also offering incentives to entice you into sharing your favorite moments. A large chunk of EVE is about cost benefit afterall. We’ll have community sharing goals that, when met, will unlock some Aurum for every single active player account. If you share even more, we’ll unlock more. It’s fairly simple. Click a few times, show us your cool shit and we’ll show you the money.”

I must say that CCP is showing that they have a lot of plans in the future for EVE Online and this will be another small step towards that future. I think this new initiative sounds fantastic and something that really only EVE Online could do. Now check the latest video down here and let us know what you think of this new initiative.

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  1. I might as well check out what all the fuzz is about..

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