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THQ: “No More Red Faction”

by July 28, 2011 in Action, PC, PlayStation, Shooter, Xbox

Today is a sad day for the Red Faction Series fans, after a somewhat poor performance by Red Faction: Armageddon both financially and critically, THQ CEO Brian Farrell says that the company will not be moving forward with the franchise.

“Given that that title now in two successive versions has [only] found a niche, we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way,” Farrell told THQ’s investors. According to Farrell, the game “did not resonate with a sufficiently broad console gaming audience,” despite its “passionate niche following.”

“In today’s hit-driven, core gaming business, even highly-polished titles with a reasonable following like Red Faction face a bar that continues to move higher and higher,” he said. “Moving forward, our core game titles must meet a very high quality standard with strong creative and product differentiation, appeal to a broad audience, and be marketed aggressively.”

Right now developer Volition is aiming it’s strength on 2 major projects: Saints Row the Third and a collaboration with film director Guillermo del Toro called Insane.

3 responses to THQ: “No More Red Faction”

  1. I played the first two, and the shitty controls (physics?) lost me, Red Faction had so much potential in it’s day… I used to love the idea of it, till I actually played it,

  2. I guess they didn’t sell many copies of the last release. :P

    @slay0rwr4th totally agree, it’s a pity really

  3. I saw a lot of nice videos for the game they were making, looked pretty good! It’s a shame they are quitting on it.

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