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Ask A-Rod: What do you want to see in GTA V?

by August 12, 2011 in Action, Adventure, Open World, PC, PlayStation, Roleplay, Xbox

You can't blame the cops, that's a clear parking violation


GTA IV – The last time I saw this many perfect 10s, I was in the bushes outside the Playboy mansion. This game received more praise from reviewers than I remember any other game receiving at launch in the past ten years.

I’m always reluctant to criticize such a complete package, but after playing GTA IV for the better part of three years, here’s my list of pressing issues I hope to see remedied in the next instalment:

Less repetitive story missions
Drive here. Shootout. Shootout. Shootout. Car chase. Murder.
I’m a big fan of the blood lust but after the first handful of missions, the novelty wears off. That’s not to say GTA IV doesn’t have some amazing missions but a little variety in the main story arc would keep things from getting stale, especially in the later stages of the game.

First you get the money…
Money was under-utilized in GTA IV. Sure you could gamble and buy clothes, but by the end of the game, most of us had built up an impressive bank roll with nowhere to spend it. This could be addressed by allowing your character in GTA V to look and act the part of a crime-lord: Penthouse mansions, tricked-out cars, maybe even a private jet. Money was everywhere in GTA IV but I never felt any need for it. The currency system needs to be re-evaluated and expanded to promote both customization and collection in GTA V.

I’m not suggesting Niko go The Sims on us; but when you look at past GTA titles, the customization options far outweigh what we were given in GTA IV. For the players who want to show their unique style, a couple of hats and outfits just don’t cut it. GTA V should expand to include vehicle modifications, property purchases, even protection from the police; maybe then I’ll feel compelled to chase civilizations for that extra pay-day.

A world of destruction and chaos awaits, just let it go to voicemail!


Cell Phone Menu Fell Short
As games strive for increased realism, Rockstar and the GTA series can be considered a pioneer. But how much is “too realistic”? I don’t want to feed my character nor do I want to stop and ask for directions. The constant reliance on the cell phone in GTA IV was another example of realism that I just didn’t need. It served its purpose in a unique way, but I found both the interface and the awkward controller options of it more annoying than useful.

Location, Location, Location
There was little wrong with Liberty City in my eyes. It was a well-thought out, big city experience but my first question surrounding GTA V is “where will it take place?” Long-time fans of the franchise have begged to revisit San Andreas or Vice City. Others want to see the faithful New York recreation applied to another great American city. Or maybe GTA can expand its cultural horizons by taking the action abroad to a European city. The possibilities are endless but a lot is riding on this decision. For many fans, it’s a detail bigger than the main character and the narrative combined.

We don’t know much about the release of GTA V, but like my restraining order from the Playboy mansion, everyone’s sure it’s coming. When you get so much right with a game, some fans argue that there’s nowhere to go but down – however, I prefer to think that with a game of this scale, there is always going to be room for improvement.

2 responses to Ask A-Rod: What do you want to see in GTA V?

  1. Great article A-Rod, looking forward to many more!

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying! I spent three weeks with a broken spine on a couch playing this game and the sheer size of the maps was one of the only redeeming factor to overcome the overly repetitive missions. I do disagree with your criticisms of the cell phone interface, I found that was a welcome addition to the franchise and although somewhat cumbersome to use it was nonetheless entertaining as a technique to keep you immersed.

    I hope they enhance that feature rather than replace it – perhaps a better phone with a more usable interface – (Google/Apple branding war maybe – or even use your game money to choose?)

    I also agree with the point about money, I found that there was not enough to do with it once you had it, aside from funding my road rage and ongoing battles with the 5-0 it was not really an essential component of the game, something which I think could have increased the longevity/re-play potential if there was more available. The custom cars, weapons, houses, side games etc would all be welcomed in the next installment.

    Location. I think this is going to be the most exciting aspect of the next game. London, Paris, Cairo, Sydney, there are so many cool cities, well designed and with stunning architecture that could see the game set. I would love to see a Cairo based game, the traffic and nuances of that city are unlike anywhere else and the mayhem and battles would be epic. Stealing little dodge mobiles would be awesome! Also be cool to have a car chase end at the pyramids. London gangsters has been done in the Getaway series, but could still be cool as a GTA game. Sydney and Melbourne in Australia have got some amazing underworld crime stories which could be nicely shoe-horned into a GTA game – watch the TV series Underbelly to catch my drift here.

    Either way, I will buy the next installment when it inevitably hits shelves, lets hope Rockstar don’t drop the ball.

  2. I want more grittiness and realism compared to previous GTA. Less “trying to be funny” and purely over the top entertaining business. If I want a big fuck fest I’ve got Saints Row the Third for that lord have mercy! :)

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