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Starhawk drops new CGI Trailer (GC 2011)

by August 16, 2011 in Action, PlayStation, Shooter, Strategy

LightBox Studio the creators of Warhawk have just released a new CGI game trailer for the upcoming PS3 multiplayer 3rd person shooter / RTS Starhawk. It shows off some good old fashioned ground pounding infantry and vehicle combat and also takes us on a little panoramic flight up into the planet’s atmosphere showing off some spaceships dog fighting each other. I know it’s just CGI but it still might interest some, and the game itself seems to be shaping up quite nicely, we’ll see about getting some straight in game footage posted up later on. Trailer below.

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  1. Is this really ONLY for PS3? I wonder why they’d do that…. it looks like a solid game.

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