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BIS Take On Helicopters Gameplay Demo Gamescom 2011

by August 22, 2011 in Open World, PC, Simulator

Here’s a new video posted up on the official Nvidia YouTube channel no less as part of their Gamescom 2011 coverage showing off some demo gameplay from Bohemia Ineractive’s Take On Helicopters game which understandably looks essentially identical to ArmA 2 (and likely ArmA 3) in pretty much all aspects. Although if you’re a big fan of flying helicopters in that game you’ll likely want to check this out.

Presumably the one requirement from Nvidia for making these videos showcasing various developers games and posting them on their official YouTube channel was that they all had to shamelessly mention that the game was running on Nvidia hardware.

The friendly bloke at the BIS booth this time around is Jay Crowe creative director of Take On Helicopter and he gives us a little more insight into the game and shows off the in game version of the city of Seattle. The game is due out during the fourth quarter of 2011, in October to be precise. Yes as far as I’m aware they’re actually selling it as a whole separate standalone game and not as a mod or DLC for ArmA 2 which may seem a bit odd to some considering how identical it is. Anyways if you’re interested and like the helicopter dynamics in the Armed Assault series you can check out the video below.

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  1. You’re right mate it does look identical to ArmA 2. It’s basically a little flight/helo mod with a new island (Seattle) you’re being sold. If they charge any more for this than they did for their ArmA 2 DLC’s I’m really not interested.

    lol they even used the exact same animations from ArmA 2. I love @ 4:26 the kicking the humvee tire animation except the dude is kicking bloody metallic pads on a helo. Ouch! :P

  2. I hope we get full blow cities like that with enter-able sky scrappers and all in ArmA 3. I somehow doubt it though :(

  3. Don’t we already have this in ArmA 2 OA as a free mod?

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