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Free CryEngine 3 SDK over 115k downloads in five days

by August 23, 2011 in PC, Shooter, Simulator

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As we announced earlier this week on our main blog, 5 days ago the free non-commercial CryTek CryEngine 3 SDK and Editor were released for download to the general public. To give you an idea of the scope of interest in the newly free to use game engine, within 5 days of its release, it has already been downloaded over 115,000 times!

Needless to say that’s a lot of downloads in under a week for a game SDK! Clearly there’s some strong interest for this one which makes a lot of sense. While I doubt all those downloads were by serious developers who actually plan on using the engine to make full blown games, or even by aspiring developers who want to train on the SDK, it does still show that there is a huge interest in video game development. Whether it’s just curious people, light modders or actual full blown developers it’s still an impressive amount of downloads in such a short time. Unless of course most of those people thought they were downloading Crysis 2 for free or something? I’m only kidding.

Anyways, it will be interesting to monitor how the downloads continue to progress on this one. Also, seeings how there is apparently such a massive interest for the CryEngine 3 remember to get ready for the upcoming Operation Reality competition and prize give away which will also contain some professional CryEngine SDK published books to help new and experienced developers alike get the best out of the new SDK and game engine. For sake of brevity I’ll quote from last week’s post on our main blog in case you missed this bit:

[...] There have also been some great books written on the subject leading up to the release of this SDK and we have been in contact with some of the key publishers and authors behind these CryENGINE 3 books.

Operation Reality will shortly be organizing a free to enter competition and giving away various prizes including several of these hot new CryENGINE 3 development books so stay tuned for that if you’re interested in winning some. In order to be eligible to participate and get the latest news on when the competition begins you should follow us on our Facebook, and Twitter pages in order to get the latest information on how to enter. Of course naturally we will also be posting updates on this give away on our sites also, including this one. So grab our RSS feed or bookmark the site and check back often if you don’t want to miss this exclusive giveaway.

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