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Total Game Integration: Dead Island in Playstation Home

by August 23, 2011 in Action, Adventure, Open World, PC, PlayStation, Roleplay, Survival/Horror, Xbox

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By now, you might have heard about the Playstation Home rehaul, but only time will tell if these changes lead to a more immersive experience or if Playstation Home will continue to be an empty apartment you visit while waiting for your friends to come online.

Sony and Deep Silver, the makers of Dead Island have launched a limited-time online event with rewards in the form of an in-game exclusive weapon. To receive the item (SPOILER: It’s an exploding bag of meat) and a few other perks, players must complete 10 challenges all taking place in Playstation Home.

In-game weaponry, avatar items and zombie slaughter mini-games are all steps in the right direction for Playstation Home. With more pre-release goodies such as these, there’s a great chance Sony can steal some console-share and revive its online hub. Check out the video to see more about the TGI for Dead Island.

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