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Doom 3 source code nearing public release says Carmack

by November 1, 2011 in Action, PC, Shooter, Survival/Horror

Good news for programmers, game developers, modders and hobbyists, today id software’s John Carmack announced via a tweet that the full “doom 3 source is packaged and tested, we are waiting on final lawyer clearance for release.” Doom 3 was based on the id Tech 4 engine coded in C++ and used the OpenGL rendering library.

Carmack had announced at Quakecon 2011 that the source code would be released sometime in October of this year soon after the release of Rage, so they’re pretty much on schedule. The access to the full game’s code base will not only enable modders to do some interesting things and create stand-along games but it will also serve as a great learning tool for aspiring game developers and programmers to be able to get an inside look at a commercial AAA game title’s inner workings. It will also enable Doom 3 fans to develop their own game patches, fix lingering bugs and compatibility issues, or even make graphic improvements and modifications to the game as they see fit.

All in all, it goes without saying that we love seeing such code sharing initiatives from the more experienced developers, it seems to be becoming a more and more common occurrence in the gaming world, and we hope it continues and becomes the norm. It would be great if some other commercial companies (not only game developers) followed this lead and open source their code bases from legacy products to help spread some programming insight, and to allow forks and extended code base life cycles. I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one looking forward to poking around this code. We all remember how promising Doom 3′s technology was for the gaming world upon its release back in 2004 despite all the “it’s pitch black” gripes. At the time everyone wished to be able to test it on Ultra Settings and use it to benchmark their systems and GPU’s. Time sure flies doesn’t it. It’s too bad they didn’t take the initiative to release the code earlier but better late than never.

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  1. You’ve got to love John Carmack. It’s really great how he lobbied Zenimax and made this happen. Much respect.

  2. This is an amazing chance to look under the hood of one of the most technically challenging games of the last ten years. I couldn’t be happier to hear about this and look forward to looking under Doom3′s hood.

  3. This doesn’t due us DirectX11 programmers alot of good. All the shaders won’t work. Sure we can analzye his code and learn some things from it. But the pixel, lighting, and geomerty shaders won’t work.

  4. Carmack, living the dream since 1970! ;)

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