Pelagius the Tormented Mind of Madness How To Wake him up out of bed (2 posts)

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  • Profile picture of Max Max said 2 years, 4 months ago:

    How do you wake that pelagius bastard up from bed in one of the paths with the wabbajack where he’s lying in bed? The other two are easy but I can’t seem to get this idiot out of bed in the path where he’s lying down. I punched him in the face and he got out of bed only once but then just laid back down and I keep wabbajacking and punching shit including him and (wolf, goat, kid, bandit leader, maiden etc.) and nothing seems to do it. This quest is really annoying and boring, does anyone know how to get this Pelagius out of bed with his bad dreams BS to get this thing completed and over with?

  • Profile picture of Jonathan Jonathan said 2 years, 4 months ago:

    Just keep wabbajacking everything that looks hostile. The child, the woman and the goat are safe. Basically wabbajack Pelagius in bed and everytime something hostile spawns just wabbajack that in turn. It’s true though, it’s a pretty pointless quest but hey!